Artistic Approach

Biographical Note

Artist Julia Lapteva was born in Russia and immigrated to Canada in 1993, at the age of four. From birth, she was plunged into an artistic environment, her family being professionally involved into music, singing, dancing, design and painting. Following the footsteps of her lineage, she completed a diploma of collegial studies in Visual Arts at College Lionel-Groulx. Then, in 2013, she graduated from Concordia University with a bachelor in Fine Arts.

Her travels around the world strongly influence her works. Using a diversified color palette, she pursues the mission of showing the deeper dimensions of our world. Behind human illusions lie a complex universe to discover and, according to her, art allows to present its many facets.

An Inner Journey

The universe is an infinite source of inspiration. As part of this great whole, no man can deny the vastness of this mysterious place, often wondering about his own place in this immeasurable dimension.

Endlessly curious, it was inevitable for me to conclude that we must not blindly believe the sayings of specialists concerning cosmology. We must doubt everything, such as great scientists, sources of information, images or representations of the cosmos, as well as explanations of its various phenomena. I use this knowledge in my art to play with the real, or rather unreal, aspects of our space.

On the other hand, my mind wanders in the “finished” space. It unconsciously immerses itself with my experiences around the globe during which my creativity has only become enriched: architecture, fine arts, landscapes, colors, sounds, textures … Any form of beauty is now installed in my being so that I may be able to expel it on the white surface of my canvas. I draw from memories, impressions and inner visions so that images can spontaneously be painted on my canvas.

My present, past and the Events on my journey taint the visions that come alive in my psyche and then poured over my work.

A very important aspect of my work is to convey a message of spirituality. Without trying to impose my vision, however, I assume a wish that feeds my mission. That of transmitting a piece of richness that every living being can find within. This wealth is much more fruitful than any material possession. Needless to say that the essence of a work will be interpreted by a person’s eyes; nevertheless, a piece of art acts ineluctably on the soul of the spectator.

Through my soft color palette that I delicately apply in thin layers on the canvas, I transpose an immaterial reality that transcends the daily life to which we are accustomed.

I like to think that art is a vehicle for guiding people toward the greatest path possible: an infinite and rich inner journey. It is my role to bring those who view my works to an experience that will, I hope, transform them.

“The visible being in itself rich enough to constitute a poetic language evocative of mystery … It is necessary that the painting serves something other than painting. “

–René Magritte